Here at Sugarfoot Apparel we care deeply about the earth, especially at this very critical time. As an apparel brand we understand our responsibility to be conscious of the ways we’re doing business. We’re proud that many of our products are made of sustainable materials made right here in the U.S. and that when we source we look to source from companies apart of the Fair Labor Association and those that are Green Certified. We promise to continue on this path so you’re not only getting really cool designs, but also ones that are eco-friendly.

So, what can you do? Here are a few tips on helping our products last longer when they’re in your hands.


We do our best to include care instructions for each of our garments but we thought some general information would be helpful as well. Many of our designs are screen printed and the best way to clean a screen printed garment is to turn it inside out when you wash it. This will help maintain the graphic longer and in turn keep you wearing it.


Cold water is best. Colder water will help keep your colors brighter while they get clean. Using cold water also uses less electricity, so better for the environment and lower bills - bonus!


Skipping the dryer can be less convenient but it also will help increase the longevity of your favorite pieces. Screen printed items, especially, will crack over time when used continuously in high heat. So, lay them on a rack, over chairs, on hangers it may not be pretty but it’s best.